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Comprehensive education at SET Tuition Centre !


We Provide:

  • Flexible learning options: In-centre (group & one-to-one) and online (one-to-one) tuition

  • Subject support:  Assistance in core subjects including English, Maths & Science and more!

  • Exam preparation: GCSE readiness for English, Science & Maths; AS & A Level readiness for English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths

  • Additional support: Exam techniques, coursework assistance, guidance for density and medicine courses, proofreading, UCAS help, and interview preparations

  • Home Schooling Support: Empowering Home Schooling Success

Our Approach:

  • Individualised attention in a group setting: Striking a balance between one-to-one and group tuition

  • Personalised learning journey: Professional assessment, tailored programs, and progress monitoring

  • Homework engagement: Regular assignments reviewed and encouraged with parental guidance

Our Mission:

  • Inspiring environment: Fostering confidence and enthusiasm in students

  • Holistic support: Beyond academics, including university applications, work experience, and interview skills

  • Seamless communication: WhatsApp group for updates, timely feedback, and homework coordination


  • Regular assignments: Given after every class to reinforce learning

  • Comprehensive review: Thoroughly assessed and reviewed by our instructors

  • Parental involvement: Encouraged for guidance and ensuring high-quality work completion




Gain Academic Confidence


Empowering Students


Always Supportive


Word of Mouth

Wonderful staff, my son was really struggling at school and the teachers at SET made sure to work on the areas he was struggling with. The teachers give regular feedback on how my son does each session, even talking parents through the homework, SET are very passionate about teaching!


Really fantastic and friendly staff. Very professional and enthusiastic. I'm really satisfied with my sons development and am confident in his ability to succeed his GCSEs thanks to SET.


SET is an excellent tuition centre putting the students wants and needs at the heart of everything they do. The lessons are holistically tailored to suit all abilities. I highly recommend this centre for anyone who wants a fun way to learn.

Berna B.

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