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Comprehensive education at SET Tuition Centre !


We Provide:

  • Flexible learning options: In-centre (group & one-to-one) and online (one-to-one) tuition

  • Subject support:  Assistance in core subjects including English, Maths & Science and more!

  • Exam preparation: GCSE readiness for English, Science & Maths; AS & A Level readiness for English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths

  • Additional support: Exam techniques, coursework assistance, guidance for density and medicine courses, proofreading, UCAS help, and interview preparations

Our Approach:

  • Individualised attention in a group setting: Striking a balance between one-to-one and group tuition

  • Personalised learning journey: Professional assessment, tailored programs, and progress monitoring

  • Homework engagement: Regular assignments reviewed and encouraged with parental guidance

Our Mission:

  • Inspiring environment: Fostering confidence and enthusiasm in students

  • Holistic support: Beyond academics, including university applications, work experience, and interview skills

  • Seamless communication: WhatsApp group for updates, timely feedback, and homework coordination


  • Regular assignments: Given after every class to reinforce learning

  • Comprehensive review: Thoroughly assessed and reviewed by our instructors

  • Parental involvement: Encouraged for guidance and ensuring high-quality work completion




Gain Academic Confidence


Empowering Students

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